Our partnership with Music and Arts, matched with our great local service allows us to provide everything a student needs!
  • A wide selection of educator-approved, high-quality instruments
  • A flexible and affordable rent-to-own program, including free repairs and maintenance for any rented instrument with our special Liability and Damage Waiver.
  • The best repair shop in the area
  • A top-notch roster of teachers that can give any student a leg up on the competition!

We keep our monthly rental rates as low as possible and frequently have special introductory offers.
  • Our program is a rent-to-own program: 100% of all payments apply to the purchase of your musical instrument.
  • We also provide an early-payoff option that provides you with additional savings if you decide to purchase your instrument before the end of the rental period.
    Years of Service and Life Long Friends 

Many of our customers are professional musicians. Some even bought their first instruments and learned to play here. They rely on our in-house instrument repair shop and depend on us to provide them with quality instruments and equipment. We are proud to serve them and look forward to doing so in the years to come.
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Eventually, every instrument needs a little work done. Our shop is run by Ray Longo, who boasts over fifty years of experience in musical instrument repair.

Over the years, Eastern Music has become a trusted friend of local schools, band directors, students, and professional musicians. They know that when they bring their instruments to our repair shop, it will be cared for with a level of skill and expertise that only decades of experience can bring.


At Eastern Music, we have offer private music lessons for students of all ages and levels of experience. Our music teachers consider the needs and goals of each student and create a curriculum designed to help them succeed.

We offer lessons in:
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Brass and woodwind instruments
  • Drums

We have a large staff of music teachers with a wide range of experience. This allows us to pair students with a teacher best suited for them.
  • Teachers have attended Berklee College of Music, the Boston Conservatory, or Musician’s Institute, CA.
  • Some are full-time educators working in the public school system.
  • They have been professional, performing musicians for many years.

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